Mary Margaret Moore  with the Dalai Lama




It isn’t easy to describe what, if anything separates “me” as Mary-Margaret Moore from what has been named “Bartholomew.” All I can tell you is that, one day, when Dr. John Aiken of Socorro, New Mexico was hypnotizing me to see if he could find the source of my back problem, I found myself saying things like “Do you want to know the nature of God? Do you want to know who you really are? Would these questions interest you?” Dr. Aiken’s answer was a very powerful “YES!” For over eighteen years that Something answered amazing and insightful questions from "seekers" all over the globe.

When High Mesa Press published the first of five books by Bartholomew titled, I Come As A Brother, it became a best-seller, eventually selling over 250,000 copies. Bartholomew, whoever or whatever “It” is, had touched people’s hearts and minds with love, hope, and insight. An expanded version of I Come As A Brother is also available from High Mesa Press as a four-disc CD set. It was my delight to be the one to read the text.

His words, suggestions and amazingly hopeful vision can lift our hearts out of confusion and despair in the midst of these seemingly difficult times. His words guide us from that dark place into a place of Light and acceptance. No efforting, no struggling, no waiting for another magical moment. Just know it NOW. Peace and love is Who we are, and nothing needs to be done to know Who we already ARE.

In l995 we heard "his" last words. The final teaching was simple: If we want to discover that we are the Consciousness that “he” is and we are, just be Still. Leave thought behind. Go into the Silence of our very own sacred Self, and there we will find all that we have been looking for. It is Who We Are, and who we have always been. There cannot be any separation, except in our thoughts which never, ever, speak the Truth.

In the years since we audibly heard “his” last words, my greatest delight has been in sharing the light and wisdom that has been integrated into my everyday, ordinary life. It is a deeply joyful experience to find words flowing out from the silence within, and offering clarity, peace, and comfort to others.